Fleur Boos

Founder, The Value Department

Fleur Boos is founder of The Value Department, a company partnering with organizations to make their business model futureproof by leveraging their unique position in the ecosystem, enabled by technology contributing to ESG. With clients, she works on strategy and new (digital) proposition for data-driven financing, risk distribution and monitoring and digital identity.

Previously, Fleur served as a member of the global management team of Trade & Commodity Finance of ABN AMRO. She was responsible for leading the global services operations for the Commodities (Agri, Metals, & Energy) business across various time zones. Fleur has been Involved in new commodity (blockchain) ventures like VAKT, KomGo, and MineHub and closely worked with multiple actors to build new value propositions for platforms ecosystems.

She started her career in investment banking and lives in the Netherlands. She holds an MSc in Economics with specialization on Financial Management, Corporate Finance. Currently, she is a PhD candidate on platform ecosystems and governance.