Our Expertise

With two decades of experience across more than 20 countries, we've earned the trust of some of the world’s most transformative agricultural businesses.

We build long-term relationships with agricultural enterprises and provide them with the resources they need to grow: reliable access to financing and tailored advisory services. Since our founding, Root Capital has provided more than $1.85 billion in financing to 760+ enterprises.

Our team of financial experts will work with you to evaluate the financing options and loan terms that will help your business succeed.

  • Loan Amounts to Meet Your Needs. Qualify for loans up to USD $2 million to purchase and process raw materials or invest in new equipment.
  • Tailored Loan Structures: Benefit from repayment schedules based on your production and sales cycle, with options to borrow against buyer contracts and purchase orders.
  • Competitive Rates: Take advantage of competitive interest rates without complex or hidden fees.
  • Industry Expertise: Work directly with a dedicated relationship manager based in your market, who has the experience to understand your business and operating context.

Kenia Ubeda, General Manager and Carla Martínez, Accountant

Here's How We Can Help

Advisory Services: Our comprehensive financial advisory services are designed to help you improve accounting processes, financial policies, and related business practices. You will work with our experts to assess your current financial and managerial practices and to develop a customized action plan. Similarly, our multi-day, interactive sessions provide executive-level financial management training along with opportunities to discuss real cases in cooperation with other agribusiness leaders.

Seasonal Working Capital: Root Capital's seasonal loans are tailored to your harvest and sales cycles, ensuring that your repayment schedule will work in harmony with your seasonal cash flows. This means you'll be able to pay producers on time and fulfill your buyer contracts. These loans are often based on the value of buyer contracts and purchase orders, though they can require conventional collateral as well. Submit a credit inquiry to learn whether you qualify to apply for a loan.

Existing clients may also be eligible for:

  • General or Long-Term Working Capital: When your working capital needs span multiple production seasons or you need operating funds over an extended period of time, we can discuss loans with tenors up to three years to fit your business.
  • Equipment Financing: With tenors up to seven years, our long-term equipment financing provides your business with the funds for productivity- and quality-enhancing capital investments, such as agro-processing equipment to help you scale operations.
  • Loan Fund Capital: As an exisiting client in good standing, you may be eligible to receive loans to capitalize existing internal credit facilities that are administered to your network of smallholder farmers for farm inputs, tree crop renovation, and other farm-level investments.

These photos were taken by Blake Dunlop in a 2015 trip to the Takengon region of Sumatra, Indonesia. These photos feature four of the five coffee cooperatives with whom we work in Indonesia.

Here's Where We Specialize

COFFEE. From the coffeelands of Colombia to the forested landscapes of Indonesia, Root Capital has invested more than $820 million to help more than 350 coffee-sector businesses supply export markets that pay premium prices for sustainably grown coffee. Our team identifies high-impact producer organizations, aggregators, processors, and exporters, and provides them with the financing they need to thrive.

COCOA. We have more than ten years of experience helping businesses meet the world's growing demand for cocoa. Our team works with large-scale cooperatives in West Africa as well as smaller-scale aggregators of specialty, fine-flavor varietals in Latin America.

TREE NUTS. Increasing global demand for cashew, macadamia, and brazil nuts offers processors of these crops incredible commercial opportunities. Root Capital helps our clients expand their inventory, invest in state-of-the-art technology, and grow their operations.

OTHER EXPORT CROPS. Demand for honey, vanilla, shea, and other export-oriented specialty products provides the opportunity for enterprises to showcase their nation's production capabilities on the global stage. Root Capital understands niche buyers’ expectations and the need for businesses to adapt to ever-changing market conditions.

REGIONAL STAPLE CROPS. We finance businesses that aggregate and process maize, millet, rice, oilseeds, sorghum, and other staples. With reliable access to financing, our clients are able to purchase directly from farmers and meet demand in local and regional markets.