A Journey Into the Heart of Kenya’s Macadamia-Processing Region

Superfine Africa Nuts employees sort macadamia nuts by hand alongside Root Capital’s Leonor Gutiérrez, Director of the Women in Agriculture Initiative, and CEO and Founder, Willy Foote. Photo credit: Root Capital In September, I, along with my Root Capital colleagues Leonor Gutiérrez, Martin Buyeka, Willy Foote, and Rose Ochieng, had a chance to visit our Kenyan client Superfine Africa Nuts.

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Improving Livelihoods and Increasing Smallholder Coffee Farmer Incomes in Chiapas

View overlooking Tenejapa Municipality in Chiapas, where Root Capital client Kulaktik is based. Credit: Root Capital Coffee farms dot the landscape in Mexico’s southernmost state of Chiapas. But coffee production is much more than a key characteristic of the physical landscape in Chiapas-it is also deeply woven into the cultural and economic fabric of the region. Coffee production accounts for…

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Catalyzing Blended Finance for Impact

Members of the Asociación Chajulense V’al Vaq Quyol in Northern Quiché, Guatemala. Credit: Root Capital. Over the course of our (nearly) 25 year history, Root Capital has pioneered a blended finance model, working to shift the paradigm of agricultural finance through social entrepreneurship and creative thinking. Our blended finance approach helps us to generate outsized impact by bringing together a…

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COAS: A Gender-Forward Cacao Cooperative in Peru

Root Capital’s Junior Loan Officer Brayam Quilca Román with cooperative members at the COAS cacao cooperative in Pangoa, Peru. Credit: Root Capital In recognition of National Chocolate Day, celebrated in the U.S. on October 28, we are sharing the story of Cooperativa Agraria Sonomoro Del Vraem Ltda (COAS), a Peruvian cacao cooperative that produces and exports a wide variety of…

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Meet the Women’s Council

Root Capital staff are joined by the founding members of the Women’s Council at the Nairobi, Kenya Root Capital office in September 2023. Credit for all photos used in this blog: Root Capital. In September, Root Capital held a two-day convening in our Nairobi, Kenya office to hear firsthand from five women leaders in agriculture. These invaluable perspectives inform our …

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Announcing Our New Women in Agriculture Annual Report

Women members of Koperative Abahuzamugambi Ba Kawa (Maraba), a coffee cooperative in Huye District, Rwanda. Photo credit: Adam Finch Women and girls bear the brunt of several critical challenges of our time, from climate change to access to finance to an inequitable share of domestic responsibilities. The hurdles faced by rural women in emerging markets where Root Capital operates are…

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Rebuild Women’s Hope: A Dynamic Coffee Cooperative Empowering Women in the DRC

Marcelline Budza at Root Capital’s Women’s Council gathering in Nairobi, Kenya. Credit: Root Capital In the lead up to International Coffee Day on October 1, we are sharing Rebuild Women’s Hope’s (RWH) story. Keep reading to learn more about this unique coffee cooperative that is on a mission to empower women in the Democratic Republic of the…

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Carbon, Climate, and Coffee: Paying Farmers for Their Efforts to Combat Climate Change

CENFROCAFE producer member Anselmo Díaz on his coffee farm. Rumi Bamba, Las Pirias, Jaen, Cajamarca, Peru. October 8, 2022. Credit: James Rodriguez. Root Capital is pleased to share a new report showing the potential of environmental payments to reward farmers for their use of carbon-friendly, agroforestry practices. This report is the result of three years of collaboration…

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IN PHOTOS: A Journey of Impact Through Rwanda’s Rich Coffee Landscape

This summer, I traveled to Rwanda for a regional retreat with Root Capital’s Africa Team, followed by several days visiting our clients in the region. It was an insightful journey through the heart of Rwanda’s coffee industry where I explored the captivating landscapes, entrepreneurial innovation, and incredible economic opportunities created and led by agricultural enterprises...

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Announcing Our 2021-2022 Biennial Report

Root Capital is one of more than 1.8 million nonprofit organizations in the U.S. This National Nonprofit Day, we celebrate the work of nonprofits and acknowledge the far-reaching impact of the nonprofit sector. As a social impact lender and a nonprofit organization, we know firsthand that nonprofits are committed to making a difference each and every day.

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