Our Impact

We look for places where environmental vulnerability and unmet financial need are great. We find businesses that are doing the most to address those conditions. And we support them so they can do even more.
Why agricultural enterprises?

Agricultural enterprises provide farmers with fertilizer, better seed varieties, and training on agricultural methods. They connect farmers to international markets where their crops fetch a better price. They help farmers achieve higher and more stable incomes so they can lead lives of greater freedom and dignity. These enterprises also improve ecosystem conservation by linking farmers to green markets, providing assistance on sustainable farm practices, and encouraging clean technologies.

What does support from Root Capital do?

Our loans and training help agricultural businesses grow during good times and withstand bad times. Enterprises that borrow from Root Capital over multiple years grow at an average rate of 20-25% per year. This growth enables them to invest in sustainable production methods and improve livelihoods for more farmers.

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  • LIVELIHOODS We are breaking the cycle of poverty for millions of farmers around the world.
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  • WOMEN We are empowering women to grow a better future, for themselves and their communities.
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  • ENVIRONMENT We are sustaining hardworking farmers and the planet on which we all depend.
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  • YOUTH We are ensuring that the next generation has a chance to prosper.
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  • PEACE We are building a lasting foundation for peace in post-conflict communities.
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  • FOOD SECURITY We are helping rural communities secure the food and nutrition they need to thrive.
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We work with people around the world to create prosperity.

Impact Dashboard 1 Since our founding in 1999, we have lent $1.6 billion to over 750 enterprises reaching 2.4 million farm families (over 10 million people), and provided training to more than 1,625 enterprises.
We go where the need is great.
69% of our clients support farmer households living on less than $5.50 per day
94% of our clients operate in an environmental vulnerability hotspot (biodiversity, soil, water, or climate change)
We look for enterprises that are doing the most good.
98% of our clients invest intensively in one or more social or environmental services for farmers or employees
76% of our clients are certified by a major social or environmental standard
We support those enterprises with loans and training.
1,626 Enterprises trained
758 Borrowers
2,765 Total number of loans
$49.2M Average outstanding balance for the past quarter
$122.9M Disbursed to clients over past four quarters
So they can do even more to benefit small-scale farmers and the environment.
10.4M Household members reached
2.4M Farmers reached
565K Women farmers reached
39K Employees reached
15K Women employees reached
2.7M Hectares under sustainable cultivation
  1. In the table above, percentages are based on our 2020 loan portfolio. Other numbers are cumulative (unless otherwise noted) and current as of quarter end - June 30, 2021.