Advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Agricultural enterprises are a key investment for sustainable development.

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a clarion call to tackle the world’s toughest challenges by 2030. Leaders from diverse sectors have answered that call, mobilizing both public and private capital to fundamentally change the world. But according to UN estimates, there’s still an annual $2.5 trillion funding gap. To build the future envisioned in the SDGs, we must significantly scale up investment today. For that, we need proven, cross-cutting solutions.

An Untapped Resource

Agricultural enterprises are uniquely situated to advance progress across multiple SDGs, from zero hunger to gender equality. These enterprises are the beating heart of rural areas, each connecting hundreds or thousands of smallholder farmers to markets for their crops. But they are marginalized from the global economy. At Root Capital, we invest in their growth so they can transform their communities.

How Support for Root Capital Advances SDGs