The Change We Create

We can create a resilient future for rural communities by investing in proven solutions: agricultural enterprises.

Rural communities are living on a knife’s edge. More than two billion people face increasingly urgent challenges to their livelihoods, from volatile crop prices to extreme weather. It’s not enough for farming families to bounce back from crises. They must be able to bounce forward—into a reimagined and resilient future.

Our Strategy to Reimagine Resilience

Root Capital’s 2021-2025 strategy revolves around a bold vision of reimagining rural resilience. To tackle urgent global challenges, we are partnering with agricultural enterprises to meet their greatest needs:

We will double the size of our portfolio to reach at least 425 businesses and one million farming families.

We will equip 125+ businesses reaching 150,000 farmers in environmentally vulnerable communities.

We will expand our gender inclusion advisory services and provide at least $114M in financing to gender-inclusive businesses.

We will enhance employment pathways for youth by growing our Talent Partnerships model by 10% year-over-year. 

The Next Five Years

To address urgent crises and reimagine resilience for millions of smallholder farmers, we need bold allies to step forward. The next five years are the most critical time for action: when those of us committed to advancing meaningful change have a real chance to coalesce around promising solutions—before the window of opportunity to do so closes. Join us today.