Cultivando la paz

La guerra deja marcas indelebles. No sólo en el cuerpo sino en la tierra y en los medios de vida. Cuando los agricultores regresan a sus tierras encuentran sus hogares incendiados, sus herramientas perdidas y a sus animales muertos.

In post-conflict regions, agricultural businesses are a vital scaffold. They can provide essential resources—among them, tools, seeds, credit, jobs, and access to high-value markets. In the fragile period after violence, the resulting economic development makes peace sustainable.

We help agricultural businesses spur growth in countries recovering from violence. These investments provide jobs, increase incomes, and stimulate economic recovery.

We provide loans and financial training to agricultural businesses in several post-conflict regions, from Colombia to Rwanda. We build their capacity to ensure long-term viability.

By joining Root Capital, you can help agricultural businesses in post-conflict communities grow, providing much-needed stability for rural areas. With your support, we can heal the scars of war and build a lasting foundation for peace.

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