Generando oportunidades

2.000 millones. Esta es la cantidad de personas de comunidades rurales que luchan por sobrevivir con menos de $2 al día.

Many of them are farming to feed the rest of the world, yet they aren’t getting enough to eat. Many live hundreds of miles from accessible markets, without the roads to reach them.

We build up vital agricultural businesses so they can provide higher, more stable incomes and expanded opportunities for those most in need.

We help businesses deliver higher, on time payments. This means farming families have a secure income stream that sees them through the growing season.

We equip employees with the skills to transform their business and community. Our trainings build their capacity to generate more lucrative harvests or manage small loans for farmers who wish to purchase new equipment or raise income through a side business.

By joining Root Capital, you fortify agricultural businesses that are fundamental to improving rural livelihoods. With your support, we can break the cycle of poverty for millions around the world.

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