Sembrando las semillas del futuro

Los jóvenes de comunidades rurales enfrentan grandes dificultades. Los pocos puestos de trabajo que encuentran son mal pagados, muy demandantes físicamente y no los satisfacen.

It’s no wonder so many youth leave their family farms behind. Eager to find meaningful work, they migrate in record numbers to urban areas at home and abroad—but opportunities remain scarce.

We accompany agricultural businesses that invest in the future. We identify, train, and finance clients that are positioning agriculture as a viable, long-term occupation.

We connect businesses to young and promising talent. We’re piloting an initiative to place university graduates with skills in food technology and accounting for one-year internships.

We prepare the next generation of agricultural leaders. In our leadership development training, we coach young managers in goal-setting, decision making, and team management—capacities that spur business growth and prime young people for career advancement.

By joining Root Capital, you can help young people in rural communities develop rewarding and prosperous lives. With your support, we can ensure that the next generation is poised to succeed.

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