Sosteniendo el planeta

Temperaturas en aumento. Tormentas devastadoras. Sequía. Para los agricultores, esto es más que un informe meteorológico: es una cuestión de supervivencia.

We work with agricultural businesses where the environment is in crisis. Eighty percent of our lending is concentrated in biodiversity hotspots—regions with exceptional biodiversity threatened by habitat loss and other human interventions.

We provide loans for investment in sustainable practices—like composting and organic production—that boost revenue while fortifying farmers against climate shocks.

We train businesses to confront urgent environmental challenges, like disease outbreaks or deforestation, and to pass this learning to their farmer members.

By joining Root Capital, you can strengthen businesses that are committed to smart, earth-friendly agriculture. With your support, we can sustain hardworking farmers and the planet on which we all depend.

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