Sharon Serrano

Senior Loan Officer

As Root Capital’s senior loan officer for Costa Rica and Honduras, I’m responsible for maintaining and growing a healthy portfolio of clients in these two countries, seeking always to work with clients that achieve positive social and environmental impact in their communities. What I love most about my work is the opportunity I get to grow rural prosperity, adding our grain of sand to each farming community that we reach. It’s so gratifying to hear our clients thank us for trusting them by offering them the capital they need, and each trip that I take to the field gives me motivation to be a good representative of Root Capital. I still remember my first field visit to Guatemala, where a client told us that we were providing them with necessary training and finance that they couldn’t get from any traditional bank. That was the moment I knew that this role was right for me. My job involves a lot of travel and hard work, so when I’m not working, I try to get to the beach whenever I can. Thankfully, Costa Rica has a lot of good beaches to choose from!