Martin Buyeka

Regional Risk Manager, Africa & Asia

At Root Capital, I’m in charge of evaluating loan proposals, overseeing our collections and workout processes, updating the Lending Policy, and sharing lessons learned from our lending in Africa with our global lending team. I’m originally from the small town of Mumias in Western Kenya, where the largest sugar companies in Kenya are located. As such, I’ve always been interested in agriculture. After studying economics and statistics in Uganda and working in banking for about five years, I joined the Root Capital team determined to leverage my background to have a direct impact on smallholder farmers. I like that my work is challenging and demanding — I have an analytical mind, and like to apply it to complex problems like modeling, mitigating, and minimizing credit risk. I love football, Formula 1, and rugby, and when I’m not in the office or spending time with my family, you can often catch me watching a football or rugby match in Nairobi.