Lubna Elia

Senior Director, US HR & Corporate Compliance

When I reflect on what led me to Root Capital, I think of three major events. First, my undergraduate thesis, which examined how coffee growers in the south of Mexico declined to join the Zapatista rebellion because they made a good living selling organic coffee on the international market. Second, a course on economic justice that I developed as a campus minister, where we explored the coffee crisis of the ’90s in the light of Catholic Social Justice teachings. Third, my graduate thesis work on the effect of development finance on Indonesia’s economy. Root Capital’s work addressed all the areas I was passionate about: strengthening rural economies, promoting social justice, and addressing poverty in developing countries. I’m excited to contribute to Root Capital’s mission by making sure that our Cambridge-based staff have a welcoming work environment. In my free time, I enjoy long-distance running, rock climbing, Salsa dancing, and spending time with my husband and young son.