Gretel Doherty

Senior Director of Credit Administration

After spending years working for various organizations in the microfinance sector, I eventually came back to the area I cared about the most: rural finance. I felt strongly that if we could find and promote lending models that had a big impact for families in rural areas we could have a very big effect on reaching and transforming the lives of the most numerous and most vulnerable segment of the population in our world.  Root Capital had an established record of working where few lenders were willing to go and I wanted to be a part of that change and innovation. As part of the Risk Management team, my team supports the administration of Root Capital’s loan portfolio by providing services such as loan documentation, closing and servicing; disbursement compliance review, coordination of local legal services; coordination of loans with third parties and management of our third party loan guarantees. What I love about my job is that I get to work with a team of professionals that are hardworking, focused and dedicated to doing right by our clients–both internally and externally. We’re committed to finding better ways to document, close and service our loans quickly and accurately and to get our clients the funds they need to help their businesses grow.