Franz F. Colloredo-Mansfeld

President and Chief Executive Officer, Cabot Properties

Franz Colloredo-Mansfeld co-founded Cabot Properties in 2002; he has served as the Chief Executive Officer of the firm since its inception. Previously Mr. Colloredo-Mansfeld served as Chief Financial Officer of Cabot Industrial Trust, a NYSE listed real estate investment trust, starting with its IPO in January, 1998 through to its sale for $2.1 billion in December 2001. From the time of its IPO until its sale Cabot was the top performing national industrial REIT, outperforming the S&P and Dow Jones indices during this period. During the years Mr. Colloredo-Mansfeld has been CEO, Cabot has raised four private equity funds, committed approximately $2.7 billion in total capital and completed 200 transactions in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Prior to joining Cabot, Mr. Colloredo-Mansfeld was a management consultant with McKinsey & Company, Inc., where he worked from 1992 through 1996 in Boston and Budapest. Mr. Colloredo-Mansfeld previously worked in Germany for the Deutsche Bank real estate investment group in 1992 and was a Robert Bosch Fellow at the German Central Bank (Bundesbank) in Frankfurt in 1991. Mr. Colloredo-Mansfeld was also an investment banker with Merrill Lynch & Co. from 1986 through 1989, where he specialized in mergers and acquisitions based in New York, London, and Tokyo. Mr. Colloredo-Mansfeld is a graduate of Harvard College, with a degree in History, and he received his MBA from Harvard Business School.