Erick Sakwa

Impact & Advisory Manager

I came to Root Capital with a deep interest in international development and market-led solutions to poverty alleviation in rural farming communities. Having grown up on a farm myself, I understand the challenges that smallholder farmers face in trying to earn a decent income. What Root Capital does creates real, positive impact in these farming communities, and I’m excited about our ongoing innovations in our client offerings, such as the promotion of mobile technology and climate-smart agriculture among our client businesses. By overseeing our impact studies and managing our Women in Agriculture Initiative in East Africa, I make sure that our work is having the impact we desire‚ÄĒespecially on women and youth, who too often have unequal access to opportunity. As I grow professionally with Root Capital, I hope to continue innovating and expanding the services we offer our clients, continuously monitoring their performance to ensure that they have the maximum possible impact in farming communities.