Celebrate International Coffee Day with Us!

220812-Root_Capital-Virgine_Nyirahakizimana-Rushashi_Gakenke-Rwanda-©Adam_Finch__AFF8057 (1) (1)

Cooperative Rushashi Gakenke, Rwanda. Credit: Adam Finch/Root Capital

With every cup of coffee, you're connected to a network of resilient farmers who work with care and diligence to produce exceptional coffee beans. These farmers are the backbone of the coffee industry, and your support helps them flourish and thrive.” – Willy Foote, Founder and CEO of Root Capital

Brewing a Better Future for Coffee Farming Communities

Join us October 1st, 2023

This International Coffee Day donate to support Root Capital's ongoing efforts to strengthen coffee producers' livelihoods and resilience around the world. Donations of all sizes can make a difference in helping to build a more prosperous, inclusive, and resilient future for rural coffee communities.

When you make a donation to Root Capital, you are investing in agricultural enterprises. We provide  much-needed capital and comprehensive business and agricultural training, which serve as catalysts for the growth of rural communities. This support provides rural coffee farmers with better livelihoods, while mitigating climate change, advancing gender equity, and attracting the next generation of farmers. 

Why We Celebrate International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day is a time to reflect on the tremendous impact coffee has on people around the world. It's a celebration of the positive change we can create together when rural coffee producers have access to capital and critical business training. Your support on this day is an opportunity to show your appreciation for coffee and the smallholder farmers who produce it.

221114-Root_Capital-Eulalia_Martin_Mateo-Barillas-Guatemala-©Adam_Finch_DSC00623 (1)

Barillas, Guatemala. Credit: Adam Finch/Root Capital

Together, We Brew a Better Future

By participating in our International Coffee Day campaign, you join a vibrant community of coffee lovers, environmentalists, conscious consumers, and businesses who share the same passion for improving coffee producers’ livelihoods and resilience. Your partnership fuels our mission to support underserved agricultural enterprises and create a better future for coffee farming communities.

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Photos taken by Abigail Bok during a visit to Peru in June 2019.

Pangoa, Peru. Credit: Root Capital

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