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Talent Partnership Spotlight: Bilha Wanjira Kirera

Meet Bilha Wanjira Kirera, a University of Embu graduate, and former Root Capital Talent Partner. Read the story of how she enhanced sustainable farming practices in Embu, Kenya, securing a full-time role at Limbua Group Limited and inspiring local youth towards agricultural careers.


How Our Next Generation Jobs Impact Pathway Is Creating Future Leaders in Agriculture

Rural youth face limited job opportunities, prompting migration to urban areas. Local cooperatives and small businesses can provide sustainable agricultural careers through reliable incomes, training, and market access. Root Capital's Next Generation Jobs initiative supports young agricultural leaders through a combination of Talent Partnerships, resilience grants, and advisory services, fostering local talent and entrepreneurship.


Meet Root Capital’s New Director of the Next Generation Jobs Initiative

Today is International Youth Day, a day designated by the United Nations to celebrate the potential of youth as partners in our global society. The global youth population currently stands at 1.8 billion—the largest in history—with 88% living in developing countries. Youth are essential to the future of rural communities, particularly in developing countries, where they serve as an indispensable local talent pool for agricultural enterprises with aging workforces…