New Members Bring Expertise in Inclusive Finance to Root Capital’s Board of Directors

Root Capital is pleased to announce the addition of two members to our board of directors: Fleur Boos and Philip Brown. Fleur is new to the board and Philip is a returning member, who previously served on the Finance and Risk and Credit Committees. They both have extensive financial services experience and bring a deep understanding of Root Capital’s…

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Announcing Our New Climate Resilience Roadmap Annual Report

Deep in the Meru region of Kenya, Shalem Investments has witnessed firsthand the effects of shifting weather patterns and climate change on its community. Much of Kenya is experiencing the worst drought in 40 years, with devastating consequences for farmers of “thirsty” crops like maize. As a grain aggregator and climate action leader, Shalem is building a local market…

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Organic Agroforestry as a Climate Solution: Cool Farm Tool Pilot Project Findings and Lessons Learned

This article originally appeared on the blog of Cooperative Coffees, a Root Capital partner. PHOTOS: James Rodriguez. At Root Capital, we’ve always believed in the power of small-scale, organic agroforestry to contribute to climate stabilization and increased resilience. In our conversations and visits with partners over the years, we’ve seen that producers’ work to plant and conserve…

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How Women Coffee Farmers Are Fighting Climate Change in Uganda

Most people in Western Uganda are farmers, dependent on the land and predictable weather patterns for their livelihoods. But climate change has led to unpredictable weather and increased natural disasters. Intense floods have caused mudslides that devastate farmland, while extreme droughts have dried out coffee berries, affecting crop yields, coffee quality, and, ultimately, the income of farming families.  “At…

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VIDEO: Celebrating 10 Years of Our Women in Agriculture Initiative

Approximately, 2.5 billion people worldwide rely on small-scale agriculture for their livelihoods. Most of them live below the poverty line. Especially women. In 2012, Root Capital launched our Women in Agriculture (WAI) Initiative to expand access to finance and technical assistance to more women-led and gender-inclusive businesses. 10 years later, our Director of Women in Agriculture Initiative, Leonor Gutiérrez,…

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Five Questions for Elizabeth Teague, Director of Root Capital’s Climate Resilience Initiative

Smallholder farmers across the world are on the frontlines of the climate crisis, with rising temperatures, droughts and floods, and severe storms threatening their livelihoods. Through our Climate Resilience Initiative, Root Capital connects agricultural enterprises with urgently needed resources, including localized data on climate risks, best practices for mitigation and adaptation and capital for climate-smart investments. We recently sat down…

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Meet a Young Woman Helping Rwandan Coffee Farmers Improve Their Agricultural Practices

As the youth population explodes worldwide, Root Capital is turning a demographic challenge into an opportunity for impact. Jobs in rural communities are often low paying and sporadic, with little opportunity for advancement-prompting many young people to migrate. Root Capital’s Talent Partnerships program places young graduates into internships at local agricultural enterprises, creating a win/win situation: jobs for the next…

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Our Top 5 Highlights from 2022

2022 was a year of tremendous progress in our work-work made possible by our dedicated community of supporters. As we enter 2023 ready to partner with rural communities for even greater impact, here are our top five highlights from last year. 1. Celebrating 10 years of our Women in Agriculture Initiative This year marked a decade of…

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IN PHOTOS: Root Capital Team Members Connect Across the Globe!

With a team spanning four continents and many countries, we love any opportunity to connect and learn from each other. This summer, for the first time in years, we finally got the chance-with team retreats in the US, Kenya, Peru, and Mexico. After countless Zoom meetings, some folks met each other in person for the very first time. And for…

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4 Reflections on the Future of Impact Investing

Impact investing is in the spotlight these days, primarily via a political backlash against environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing criteria. Yet impact investing is also more popular-and more effective at generating both impact and returns-than ever.  Last month, a colleague and I represented Root Capital at prominent impact investing conferences (the Global Impacting Investing Network Investor Forum and…

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