Experts in Gender Equity and Nonprofit Management Join Root Capital’s Board of Directors

Root Capital is pleased to announce the addition of two new members to our board of directors: Sophie Romana and Scott McDonald. Sophie is a leading consultant in gender equity and financial inclusion who has spent years expanding access to credit for women around the world. Scott has a wealth of experience in international organizations, developing innovative fundraising and partnership…

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Root Capital’s Impact in 2020

Last year, our global community stood up for farming families when they needed us most. During the pandemic, we partnered with agricultural enterprises to unlock prosperity for more than three million people in some of the most economically and environmentally vulnerable regions in the world. Thank you for ensuring that protecting lives and preserving livelihoods could go hand in hand.

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IN PHOTOS: Leveling the Playing Field for Women in Agriculture

Women are the backbone of the agricultural sector, composing 43% of the labor force globally and up to 80% in certain countries. But, despite their vital role, most women don’t benefit from their labor at an equal level to men. Numerous barriers—educational, economic, and social—prevent them from accessing vital resources and opportunities. But this inequity doesn’t just impact women. Gender…

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How Rural Businesses Are Confronting the Climate Crisis

While you sip your morning brew, consider this: By 2050, the area suitable for most coffee production is expected to decline by around 50%. The culprit? Climate change. Your daily dose of coffee depends on specific climate conditions, mostly found in mountainous regions of the tropics. But climate change is shifting conditions in coffee-growing regions, primarily through higher temperatures,…

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How We Utilize Outcomes-Based Financing to Help Early-Stage Enterprises Grow

While you may not be able to find Matagalpa, Nicaragua on a map, you can taste it in your morning cup of coffee. This region is one of the world’s biggest coffee producers, thanks to the thousands of smallholder farming families who call it home. Individually, these farmers could never get their harvest from their field to your breakfast table.

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Cinco lecciones que hemos aprendido del año 2020

“Exigente” “Aleccionador” “Sin precedentes” Las palabras no describen adecuadamente el año 2020. El asombroso número de víctimas de la pandemia define este año, pero también lo hacen los ejemplos de esperanza, unidad e innovación. Y no todas esas historias llegaron a los titulares. En las comunidades rurales donde trabaja Root Capital, el 2020 también ha sido un año de adversidad…

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Five Lessons We’re Taking from 2020

“Challenging” “Sobering” “Unprecedented” Words fail to adequately describe 2020. The staggering toll of the pandemic defines this year, but so do examples of hope, unity, and innovation. And not all of those stories made headline news. In the remote communities where Root Capital works, 2020 has also been a year of adversity and adaptation. Here are five lessons we’re taking…

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Bringing Climate Action to Farming Communities: Root Capital’s Climate Resilience Roadmap

This week, Hurricane Iota became the strongest storm ever to hit Nicaragua. The category four storm ripped across the country with torrential rains and winds topping 155mph, mere weeks after the same communities were devastated by Hurricane Eta. In Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua, the 550 members of the Flor de Cafe coffee cooperative…

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This All-Women Cooperative is Feeding Hundreds During the Pandemic

Since 2007, the all-women AMPROCAL coffee cooperative in Ocotepeque, Honduras has worked hard to connect farmers with higher prices for their coffee on the international market. Starting with just eight members, they’ve grown to over 150 today. That means they’re able to improve livelihoods and grow inclusion for more farmers across the region. For the last four years, Root Capital…

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Keeping Farmers Safe and Business Running: One Coop’s Pandemic Response

When Donald Delgado took the helm of UNICAFEC last November, the coffee cooperative was at a crossroads. Since its founding in 2001, the cooperative had been led by one man, Alfredo Alarcón, and his sudden death left a hole in the community’s heart—not to mention real fears for the businesses’ future. Donald himself worked under Alfredo’s leadership for more than…

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