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Our online press kit contains information about our mission and history, senior staff bios, and official Root Capital logos for use by the media. For more information or to book an interview with one of our staff experts, please reach out to the press contact on the left.

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La Vivriére: Reclaiming Nutritious Home-Grown Grains in Senegal

Recognizing the need for affordable, nutrient-rich alternatives to imported rice, this agroprocessing business built up the market for traditional Senegalese grains. After years of watching working mothers feed their children imported rice rather than local Senegalese grains, Bineta Coulibaly decided to take action. Traditionally, women used locally-produced and nutrient-rich millet flour to make couscous, arraw (small balls of flour cooked…

Fair-Fruit: Strengthening Environmental Sustainability and Profits for Indigenous Farmers in Guatemala

To reduce widespread poverty among indigenous communities, this produce exporter connected farmers to fair trade markets that pay premium prices. Guatemala is the world’s third-largest exporter of snow peas and sugar snap peas. Indigenous farmers living in the highlands produce 99 percent of the crops. For these farmers—70 percent of whom live below the poverty line—gaining access to fair trade…


Coffee and the Press of Migration
by Willy Foote

The complexity of the coffee rust crisis requires tight integration across government, business, international development and the finance sector. To that end, my organization, Root Capital, has launched the Coffee Farmer Resilience Initiative (CFRI), a multifaceted and collaborative venture that channels investment to coffee farmers at the base of the value chain.

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In Colombia’s Troubled Coffee Lands, A Revolution in Quality and Resilience
by Willy Foote

Despite countless tragedies, Colombia's long-conflicted coffee lands have recently transformed in ways that are driving hope, optimism, and improved livelihoods farther into the countryside than ever before. In fact, many farmer cooperatives in the region are confronting and managing through issues like coffee leaf rust disease on their own terms and are leading a veritable revolution in crop quality.

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Social & Environmental Due Diligence: From the Impact Case to the Business Case
by Michael McCreless

We believe that assessing social and environmental factors is not just a way for mission-driven financial institutions like Root Capital to create impact. In this issue brief, we posit that social and environmental due diligence can also create financial benefits that partially or fully offset the costs involved for lenders and investors.

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