Board of Directors

Ana Zacapa, Chair 
Philanthropy and Nonprofit Advisor
Scott Amero
Former Vice Chairman and Global Chief Investment Officer for Fixed Income, BlackRock
Ken Bartels
Founder and Former President, Paxton Properties Inc.
Mary Barton-Dock
Former Director of Climate Policy and Finance, Former Country Director for Haiti, The World Bank
Lindsey Bolger
Former Senior Vice President of Coffee, Keurig Trading
Mario Fernández 
Technical Director, Specialty Coffee Association
Salah Goss 
Senior Vice President, International Markets for Financial Inclusion, Mastercard
Grant Gund 
Managing Partner, Coppermine Capital
Jan-Maarten Mulder 
Founder, Summer Capital
Hans Muzoora
Agriculture Finance Advisor, USAID
Sophie Romana
Gender, Inclusion, and Social Impact Consultant
Macani Toungara 
Senior Advisor, Africa Bureau, USAID
Marissa Wesely
Chair, Global Advisory Council, Women Win

Board of Directors as of May 15, 2022.