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Nous sommes une communauté qui trouve des solutions aux problèmes non conventionnels. Nous sommes des humanitaires et des écologistes, des philanthropes et des investisseurs, des agriculteurs et des féministes.

These photos were taken at Root Capital's Global Retreat in 2015 in Cambridge.

Leadership Team

  • Willy Foote Founder & CEO - États Unis

    Willy Foote is founder and CEO of Root Capital, a nonprofit impact investor that offers farmers around the world a path to prosperity by investing in the agricultural businesses that serve as engines of impact in their communities. Root Capital provides these businesses with the capital, training, and access to markets they need...

  • Frances Reid Chief Operating Officer - États Unis

    Frances' role is to oversee the day-to-day management of the organization and ensure that all staff and systems are operating effectively in support of our mission. Prior to joining Root Capital, Frances spent more than four decades working in the private and public finance sectors around the world including the CDC Group in...

  • Alexandra Tuinstra Vice President of Advisory Services - Amérique centrale et Mexique

    Alexandra is responsible for overseeing our global Advisory program, working closely with our global Lending team to ensure both teams' strategies and operations are aligned. Prior to joining Root Capital, Alexandra worked as Farmer Finance Manager at the Rainforest Alliance...

  • Darcy Salinger Chief Credit Officer - États Unis

    Darcy joined Root Capital in 2011 as Chief Credit Officer and leads the credit risk management function, which includes credit policy and procedures, underwriting standards and tools, lending operations, credit administration, portfolio risk management, and collections and workout. She came to...

  • Bryan Woliner Chief Financial Officer - États Unis

    Bryan oversees Root Capital’s operating budget and manages financial analysis and reporting. His previous experience includes research and financial analysis for the Government Accountability Office and UNITE HERE Local 26, a labor union...

  • Nancy Godinho Everett General Counsel and Chief Talent Officer - États Unis

    Nancy provides legal advice at all levels of the organization, facilitating transactions and improving transactional processes, advising Root Capital leadership, overseeing enterprise risk, improving internal structures for legal compliance, and serving as a key...

  • Mary Beth Cotes-Jenssen Chief Partnerships Officer - États Unis

    As Chief Partnerships Officer, I engage key stakeholders across Root Capital’s value chains to effectively position the organization as a leader in the sector and contribute to business resilience. Developing and nurturing a network of cross-sector partnerships has always been a crucial part of...


  • Aminata Wague Project Administrator, MasterCard Foundation - Afrique de l'Ouest
  • Arame Wade Senior Advisory Associate, West Africa - Afrique de l'Ouest
  • Bennet Ansong Senior Credit Analyst - Afrique de l'Ouest
  • Francis Opoku-Mensah Portfolio Manager, Anglophone West Africa - Afrique de l'Ouest
  • Peter Onguka Regional Risk Manager, Africa - Afrique de l'Est , Afrique de l'Ouest
  • Robbie Witkop Head of Lending, West Africa and Asia - Afrique de l'Ouest , Asie du Sud-est , États Unis
  • Salif Diop Risk Officer - Afrique de l'Ouest