David Brooks on the Promise of Social Capitalism


We wanted to make sure you saw that you saw David Brooks’ recent New York Times Op-Ed on impact investing. This as an important validation of the support you, Root Capital’s investors, donors and friends provide, and the impact that this special blend of capital achieves.

The column, How to Leave a Mark, examines the role of impact investing in creating social change. Brooks touts the promise of social capitalism — the blending of nonprofit and for-profit minds — in providing solutions to vexing social issues. There are many models to look to — ranging from early versions like Ben & Jerry’s, to Benefit Corporations (or B Corps) like Patagonia, to social investment funds like Root Capital.

He ends by saying that if we want to leave our mark and create positive change in the world, we should consider getting involved in impact investing — whether as an investor, an employee, or creator. From Root Capital’s viewpoint, all of our stakeholders are crucial partners as we work to mitigate poverty across the globe.

We encourage you to read Brooks’ column, and share your thoughts with us — whether on the larger issues presented in the piece or on Root Capital’s particular approach to growing rural prosperity.

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