Coffee and Chocolate for the Ethical Consumer

Whether you’re shopping for a lifetime barista or someone who grabs a quick cup on the go, it can be hard to find the perfect gift for the coffee or chocolate lover in your life. This is especially true if you’re trying to buy more sustainable products. Direct trade, Fairtrade, organic—it can all be a bit overwhelming.

Root Capital works with coffee and cocoa enterprises around the world that don’t just avoid environmental and social harm—they actively create opportunities for women, steward fragile ecosystems, and boost livelihoods for farming families. When you support these businesses, you help create a more prosperous, equitable world. You can make a difference too—by choosing gifts with a positive impact this holiday season. Check out these great products you can buy that support Root Capital’s coffee and cocoa clients around the world.

Coffee Gift Ideas

ASOBAGRI (Guatemala)  
Available at: Dean’s Beans
Huehuetenango, Guatemala is one of the most renowned coffee-growing regions in the world. It’s also home to ASOBAGRI, a coffee cooperative, and Root Capital’s first-ever client. Over the past twenty years, we’ve helped ASOBAGRI grow so they can impact the lives of 1,300 farmers. Learn more in this video.

C.A.C. Prosperidad de Chirinos (Peru)
Available at: Cervantes Coffee

Located in the highlands of northern Peru, the Prosperidad de Chirinos cooperative has been improving farmers’ lives for over 50 years. With a strong focus on environmental conservation, the cooperative trains its members on organic farming practices while helping them adapt to climate change. Learn more about this green cooperative.

Kopepi Ketiara (Indonesia) 
Available at: Equator Coffees
The women-led Ketiara cooperative is a breath of fresh air in the male-dominated coffee industry. Headed by the dynamic Ibu Rahmah, Ketiara improves the livelihoods of 2,000 farmers in Sumatra while ensuring women get their fair share. As a bonus, this particular coffee is roasted by the women-led Equator Coffees. Learn more about Ketiara’s inclusive practices.

Kulaktik (Mexico) 
Available at: Colectivo Coffee

In Chiapas, Mexico, nearly 200 farmers of the indigenous Maya community make up the Kulaktik cooperative. With access to credit and training from Root Capital, they export their coffee directly to international markets reaching higher prices from roasters like Colectivo. Together, we’re helping early-stage enterprises like Kulaktik grow and build resilience for the future.

Chocolate Gift Ideas

(C) 2Divine-Chocolate_1-1960x0-c-default

Kuapa Kokoo (Ghana)
Available at: Divine Chocolate
Meaning “good cocoa farmer” in the local Twi language, Kuapa Kokoo does everything it can to ensure its members can meet that goal. In addition to offering training to boost cocoa yields, the cooperative connects farmers with higher incomes by exporting directly to international buyers. Kuapa Kokoo founded Divine Chocolate two decades ago as one of the few chocolate companies owned by the farmers themselves. Learn more about their innovative story.

Donate to honor a changemaker in your life
When you make a gift to Root Capital, you support hundreds of cooperatives like these. Donate in honor of the coffee or chocolate fan in your life and help smallholder farmers confront climate change, COVID-19, and many more challenges while building prosperity for the future. Together, we can transform the world. Pairs well with any of the above gifts—and you don’t have to wait for shipping!

So, when you go to buy a gift for a coffee connoisseur or chocolate aficionado, consider how your purchase can have a positive impact—on your loved one, on a farmer, or on the world. We hope these examples help you find the perfect gift this holiday season!