Request for Proposals: Legal Services in Uganda

Job Type: Contract position
Region: East Africa
Location: Uganda
Start Date: Proposals must be submitted no later than July 15, 2019
Contact: Please submit all proposals to Martin Buyeka ( with a copy to Janet Nyawira (

General Information

This request for proposal (RFP) is to contract for legal services to be provided to Root Capital Inc. Root Capital is a United States based non-profit, tax exempt organization focused on growing rural prosperity throughout the developing world by providing working capital and technical assistance to agricultural enterprises. Root Capital is organized and registered under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Root Capital maintains various offices around the world including East Africa, with a regional hub office in Nairobi, Kenya.

Root Capital is seeking local legal counsel in Uganda for the purpose of advising and assisting Root staff in the following areas: obtaining answers to its offshore lending questionnaire; reviewing its standard Loan Agreement, Promissory Note, and Guarantee related to Root Capital’s lending to Ugandan borrowers; reviewing and drafting of loan documents for secured loans, registration, and perfection of securities; and handling of any litigation for collateralized loans and any other loans in Uganda, which are described in greater detail in the RFP.

Only attorneys who are licensed to practice law in the Republic of Uganda and maintain an office in the Republic of Uganda, or firms including such attorneys, may respond to this RFP.

Scope of Services

The Offeror shall be readily available to perform the following service, at the request of Credit Administration staff or Risk Officers:

  1. Completion of the offshore lending questionnaire, review of our standard templates of Loan Agreement, Promissory Note and Guarantee for enforceability under Ugandan law, and advice related thereto.
  2. Reviewing and Drafting of loan agreements for secured loans in line with the laws of Uganda.
  3. Drafting loan security agreements (such as Mortgages, Debentures, Assignments, Personal Guarantees etc.).
  4. Registering loan and security agreements.
  5. Conducting searches on landed properties, and advising on their suitability or otherwise to be used as security for credit facilities.
  6. Litigation relating to loan recovery.

Although it is preferable for an attorney or firm to submit a proposal covering all the above areas, Root Capital will consider proposal for subsets of these areas.

Closing Submission Date. Proposals must be submitted no later than July 15, 2019.

For a full list of qualifications, submission instructions, and a more detailed description of this Request for Proposals, please click here.