Request for Proposals – Global Audit and Tax Services

Reports To: Jean Forrester, Controller
Region: United States
Start Date: September 15, 2019


Across the developing world, the rural poor, who make up 75 percent of the 2.6 billion people living on less than $2 a day, are marginalized from the formal economy. Most depend on agriculture as their primary source of income. Without viable markets for their crops, millions of small-scale farmers are trapped in enduring poverty.

Agricultural enterprises such as farmer cooperatives and agro-processing businesses play an important role in improving farmer livelihoods by linking farmers to more reliable and better-paying markets than they can access on their own, and often providing essential auxiliary services to those farmers such as technical training and access to agricultural inputs. They also improve community livelihoods by creating employment opportunities.

Despite the recent resurgence of international development funding in agriculture and increased interest in working through agricultural value chains, there is yet insufficient research examining the impacts of enterprise development on the livelihoods of employees employed by these enterprises.


Root Capital invests in the growth of agricultural enterprises so they can transform rural communities. These businesses purchase crops such as coffee, cocoa, or grains from smallholder farmers. With growth, they become engines of impact that can raise incomes, create jobs, empower women and young people, sustain peace and preserve vulnerable ecosystems.

Root Capital supplies these businesses with vital resources: access to capital, trade and technical partners, financial training and conservation practices. We work in hard-to-serve geographies where others don’t. To date, we’ve loaned $1.2 billion to improve the lives of six million people in farming communities.

Contact Information

Please submit your completed RFP by supplying the information requested in this Excel spreadsheet (Root Capital Audit and Tax Services Questionnaire).

If you would like your firm to be considered to participate in the RFP, please complete and return the above-referenced questionnaire spreadsheet. Please send the completed questionnaire spreadsheet as an email attachment to Jean Forrester at Questions about the RFP document or process can also be emailed to Jean Forrester.

RFP Timeline

Our planned schedule for the RFP process which, though subject to change, represents our best estimation at this time. Prospective candidates shall submit a proposal that includes a project timeline consistent with the following:


DATE in 2019

Proposals Due July12
Invitation to participate in interviews July 17
Interviews with management July 22- 26
Notification of finalists July 30
Interviews with Finance and Risk Committee August (TBD)
Notification of contract award September 15



Root Capital is a U.S. global non-profit headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts with offices in Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Kenya and Senegal.  We lend to our clients in over 30 countries, generally in U.S. dollars.  Advisory services complement the lending. Our funding is sourced from our impact investor notes program, unrestricted giving from various sources.  We also receive restricted grants and/or loan guarantees from various sources including foundations, corporates, USAID and multilaterals.  For the USAID grants/guarantees, we have two major programs.

We seek to hire an accounting firm to provide annual global audit, tax services and as needed, debt compliance letters and grant audits/reporting. The audit services are under U.S. GAAP and Government Auditing Standards (CFR 200).  The audits must be completed within 120 days after year end.  The tax services include federal and Massachusetts tax returns.  The engagement will begin with Root Capital’s calendar 2019 year end.  The tax returns must comply with regulatory requirements.  In addition, Root Capital may require meetings of the auditors, finance committee, and management be held to discuss the planning and results of the audit as well as draft versions of the financial statements and tax returns.

Firm Qualification

Root Capital is looking for an accounting firm with expertise in global banking and non-profit accounting including U.S. government compliance requirements as we lend to clients and have a portfolio of grants.  The firm footprint and familiarity should be global. We are also a growing organization and seek a firm that is accessible and can be a resource in the ever changing world of accounting.

Notification of Confidentiality and Disclaimer

All information provided by Root Capital in this RFP and any associated information is confidential and only for the recipient’s knowledge. No information included in this document or in discussions connected to it may be disclosed to any other party. Root Capital reserves all rights and remedies as may be available under law and equity to protect its confidential information from misuse and notes that confirmed misuse of the information provided in this RFP shall result in immediate disqualification of the party involved in any further phases of this consultation process.

Root Capital, through the issuance of this RFP, shall not be construed as in any way committing to a specific service provider, or entering into any agreement or legally binding obligation of any kind.