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An Agricultural Peace Dividend
by William Foote

In the Stanford Social Innovation Review, our Founder and CEO discusses how in northern Uganda—home to one of Africa’s longest and most brutal civil conflicts—organic farming is producing economic growth and stability.

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Root Capital: A Case Study in Impact Investing
by Liam Brody

In this article for Americas Quarterly, we explain how Root Capital introduces big investors to small rural farmers and cooperatives—with dramatic results.

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Global Agricultural Value Chains: Sustainable Growth as a Means for Sustainable Development
by Patricia Devaney

In this article, featured in the San Francisco Fed's Community Development Investment Review, we discuss Root Capital's model for sustainable economic development, addressing the financing needs of rural small and growing businesses, and building agricultural value chains.

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Conservation Finance in the Galápagos Islands: Capitalizing the Missing Middle
by Brian Milder

This chapter appeared in Conservation Capital in the Americas. In it, we examine the experiences of two ecotourism enterprises in the Galápagos Islands as they assess the potential environmental and social impacts of certification in sustainable tourism.

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Closing the Gap: Reaching the Missing Middle and Rural Poor Through Value Chain Finance
by Brian Milder

In an article featured in Entreprise Development and Microfinance, we put the focus on external financial institutions operating in Africa and Latin America. These institutions are using innovative approaches to value chain finance to serve both small-scale rural producers and the small and growing businesses that link them to urban and export markets.

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